Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The heart of the home serves up delicious meals, craft cocktails, working surfaces and homework stations. These eye-catching kitchens prove that versatility is key.


When it comes to the kitchen, color is your friend. From painted cabinets and patterned backsplashes to parquetry floors and beyond, there are myriad opportunities to give your kitchen a little character. If you're worried the flavors won't come together, create a moodboard before you start "cooking."

In terms of kitchen lighting, linear suspensions are a great option for above the kitchen island. You can find linear fixtures in just about every shape, size, color and style. If you're not looking to go the linear route, multi-light suspensions another great option. No matter what you choose, make sure you island is thoroughly lit; no one likes cooking in the dark.

For kitchen lighting ideas, sometimes it's best to draw from the surrounding elements: Tile backsplashes, countertop materials, paint colors. Kitchen island pendants can really tie the space together when echoing the same design elements found throughout the room.

Storage is crucial in any well-designed kitchen, and lighting can help. From display cabinets and open shelving to coves and cubbies, look for opportunities to add under-cabinet lighting, LED strip lighting, toe kicks, drawer lights and beyond. These little luxuries make every kitchen task feel seamless and simple.

When creating a more monochromatic space, play around with texture and tone to help break up any visual monotony. A sea of grey is far more intriguing when mixing light greys, dark greys, grey-washed wood and grey-veined marble. It's okay to love one cuisine, just make sure you vary the meals.

Whether you go with a linear suspension above the island or multiple kitchen island lights, always make sure you have at least six inches of breathing room between the fixture and the edge of your kitchen island. Spreading light evenly is key, and just like any good dessert, layering is a good thing. Bon apptit!